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Chris Elkins, co-creator of MaX-Hype, after a 4 month transformation using MaX-Hype’s training program. The first 8 weeks were spent at or around maintenance and the last 8 weeks was in a slight deficit. Body weight varied from approximately 161 lbs to 154 lbs.


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Christopher Barakat, co-creator of MaX-Hype, ran MaX-Hype for his 2017 contest season. In ten months, he dropped from 181.2lbs to 159.6lbs!


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Haras Karimi, @nycsuperman, earned his Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card while running MaX-Hype and working with co-founder Christopher Barakat.


The picture on the left was taken about 5-6 weeks following the last show of my first bodybuilding season. Coming out of prep I wanted to take things nice and slow so that I could have a smooth transition into my offseason. I wasn’t in the right spot mentally, the Holidays came up and me ‘enjoying myself’ turned into my stomach getting the best of me. I ended up gaining +35LBS in 5-6 weeks. As I was transitioning into my off-season I started training with Chris Elkins who introduced me to a program that would later be know as Max-Hype.

MaX-Hype is an advanced training system incorporates scientifically backed training techniques required to maximize your results in the gym! The program comes with a detailed spreadsheet that allows you to monitor your progress on a weekly basis in addition to having a video tutorial for each exercise! Not only do I stand by it, but I recommend it for anyone who is looking to take their training to the next level!

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The pic on the left is from May 2017, and the pic on the right was this morning. 175lb to 193lb, roughly the same body fat. I am so pleased with my progress thus far, and would like to thank Chris Elkins andChristopher Barakat for putting together an awesome hypertrophy program that definitely helped me get to where I am today!

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172 pounds in the first pic. I followed max hype on bulking calories and went up to around 180 pounds at my highest in December, and did a recomp/cut through beginning of January and just maintained during end of January and February. Second pic I am 164 pounds, but I am holding ALL of my muscle mass from before- in fact, I’m holding even MORE muscle mass at this weight.

I never thought I would follow a paid program in my LIFE given the resources available on the internet for free, but the fact that I set rep PRs (deadlift went from 405×6 to 405×8, DB shoulder press 70 x 8 reps went to 75 x 10 reps) later on in my run without even being on bulking calories is pretty ridiculous. Thanks to Chris Elkins andChristopher Barakat for giving me insane gains, and continuing the program like usual since this gave me almost equitable strength gains to the powerlifting split I was on!



Wes has been running #MaXHypeTraining for 4 months and has made amazing progress. Photo from the left is from November of 2017.

He started running MaXHype Extreme back in March of this year!



In just 8 Weeks, 15 year old Noder has gained 12lbs of what clearly seems to be practically all lean muscle mass! He’s been working HARD and SMART in the gym while running Tier 2 of MaX-Hype 101. With just 4 days per week of progressive, scientifically backed training, he’s gaining a ton of muscle and a ton of strength. He’s also been following the principles taught in the Max Hype Macros & Nutrition Guidebook to maximize his results. 



Callum ran Max Hype and received epic transformations! The after image is 10 months of running the Extreme program.

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Awesome MaX Hype Transformation by Trevor! Trevor is a professional natural bodybuilder and he’s been cutting since April 1st starting at 203lbs and is currently at 183lbs! 

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MaxHype certainly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to all bodybuilders who are looking to gain that competitive edge. Thank you for designing such an effective program for natural athletes and providing a detailed ebook to supplement with. As a response to the program, I have been able to drastically increase all my lifts and gain quality muscle, while maintaining a low body fat. Also, I have received multiple “are you natural, bro?” because the pumps are always on point.


I played college soccer and weight lifted a couple times a week, but never had a program to stick by until now! Lighting is different but I’m so much stronger and have finally been able to rep out 95lbs on bench which a year ago was nothing but a dream!



MaX-Hype never gets old. It’s always a fun, but challenging time in the gym. This program meets every important pillar. There is an emphasis of progressive overload, and accounts for every mechanism of hypertrophy – mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. There are planned strength days that build strong compound lifts which will translate to other movements, there’s the occasional drop set, and even newer concepts like Intra-set stretching and Blood Flow Restriction Training. Everything in there has a purpose, this plan is built on science and evidence based concepts, which is why it works so well! I was running a lower frequency type split, hitting muscle groups roughly 1.5x/week, but have found my body responds much better to the higher frequency training of 2-3x/week. I felt more recovered while doing the same and often more volume per week. If you’re still considering whether or not you should buy MaX-Hype, do yourself a favor and give it a go. It works…really well.


I used Max-Hype for my cut. During the cut, initially was on a slight deficit, and my lifts actually went up 5-15lbs (depending on lifts). Throughout the deficit, my main compounds stayed the same which is good. On a surplus I definitely think I’ll be able to gain strength easy.

The intensity is difficult to keep up with during the super and giant sets. Most times I felt the specific body parts being hit that day cramping or shaking by the end of the session because of how fatigue they were. The “pump” during the giant/super sets are real. The time between exercises is so short that my body would be popping out veins in new places I never seen before. I am glad that this program also included instructions on how to and especially WHY this works. I am a Pre-Med student so I am very scientifically evidence based when it comes to any type of science.


Just finished my first complete cycle of Max Hype and wanted to share how I am looking since my first week on the program to now. I started out eating way too little and once I upped my calories I have leaned out while still making gains. Can’t wait to start my next cycle!



Jorge has been running MaX Hype eXtreme and has dialed in his nutritional approach with the help of @christopher.barakat as a Competitive Breed athlete. Jorge’s long term goal is to compete in natural bodybuilding and he has taken massive steps to make that goal his reality. This is his one year transformation, where he was able to drop 11 pounds while building lean muscle. 


I have tried making my arms grow since I started lifting 5 years ago and it just never seemed to happen until I started max-hype and since then everything seems to be growing. Picture on the left was taken December 27, 2017 just right after I started the program the one on the right was this morning May 17, 2018. Thank you both for making this program. Believe the hype.


Amazing progress from @kaltpeter5 in 15 weeks time while running MaX Hype! 

In this period, Kalvin was able to drop 26 pounts while gaining lean muscle mass! Kalvin has been dialed in with his nutritional approach and crushing his Max Hype hypetrophy workouts!



Left picture about 2 weeks into max hype and right picture about 12 weeks in… I’ve been running it since the beta and love it I’m able to eat 4,000 kcal a day and maintain my body weight. Thanks to Christopher Barakat and Chris Elkins for this incredible program.


I started this program at 165 lbs and currently I’m 180 lbs. As you can see the gains have all been lean mass and body fat has stayed the same. This program is the right stimulus to help you gain size as well as strength. You can even say it’s the best hypertrophy program in the world.


Max-Hype training is a well thought out and scientific based program. I am loving the supersets and just the overall flow of the exercises. They really invested the time in making sure they had the right movements and sets/rep range in order to get you to an achieve maximum results. Great work guys!


Max Hype is 95.5% responsible for my shoulder development and growth. I always neglected them in my past training and wow this program has slapped on the delt meat!


Officially down 22lbs, all while training Max Hype. (Strength loss has been minimal)
(From 190lbs to 168lbs)

I estimate another 15-20 weeks of dieting before the final product.

Excited to see what comes around!


Over 5,000 people have had their physiques transformed through MaX-Hype, and the community grows every single day! 


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