Max Hype



Max Hype 101 has been designed for intermediates to day one beginners. It includes three tiers of training programs that you will advance through over time.  

Unlike other training programs that are set-up to run for 6 to 8 weeks and promise unrealistic results, MaX-Hype 101 sets up your training for the next 1-2 years and beyond. To ensure you’re success, we’re also giving you a FREE copy of the Macros & Nutrition Guidebook when you buy Max Hype 101. This deal is worth well beyond what we’re charging, but our goal is to help as many novice to intermediate lifters improve their physique, confidence in the gym and their understanding of gaining muscle and strength. 


MaX-Hype was designed specifically for professional natural bodybuilders who are aiming to maximize muscle size, physique symmetry and overall aesthetics! We provided this program to over 200 alpha-testers and their transformations were spectacular. This is when the hype began..
We then refined the program, released it to the public and the response has been incredible! This program stimulates muscle hypertrophy through every possible mechanism; mechanical tension, metabolic stress and cell swelling. MaX-Hype utilizes advanced and novel training techniques that induce pumps like you’ve never experienced before. The evidenced-based periodization utilized enables you to continuously make strength gains and avoid ever hitting a plateau.


The Nutrition & Macros ebook is perfect for beginners, intermediate and even advanced lifters that want to take control of their body composition. You may be extremely knowledgeable in the weight room, but have always struggled with the scale and your diet. With this eBook, you will finally have all of the resources and information at your fingertips. We cover meal timing, frequency, macro ratios for performance and satiety, and completely explain and breakdown IIFYM and other forms of flexible dieting. 

Like our other programs, the MaX-Hype Macro and Nutrition Guidebook is not an 8-week crash diet. It gives you the tools needed to control your body composition whether you want to lose fat, maintain your body weight or start a lean or aggressive bulk. The included calculator and tracker can be used for years! 





The feedback from the Max Hype Community has been incredible! We aim to provide as much value as possible, and love seeing the results that have been taking place by the thousands of people who have run 101 or Extreme.

Max Hype Training has helped thousands reach new levels of growth and understanding in exercise and nutrition, which is the key to success. Over 2,000 people have run Max Hype, and the results have been incredible to see.  See what they’re saying about the Hype!